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Your chance to own ABBA CDs, LPs, books, cassettes.
Many very rare items for ABBA fans - and a simple email is all that is required.
Yes! Just send me an email saying you want to enter. That is all!

Note will be posted out normally the 20th-25th of the following month.

November 2011

Gold DVD - Japan (no obi with this though)

3 x ABBA Remastered CDs

3 x NZ LP's



April/May 2011

Greatest Hits Volume 2
Australia (note - does have felt pen mark on the inner centre of the CD face)

Greatest Hits Volume 2
US Target green faced CD ("Made in West Germany by Polygram" on the circumference of the CD)


It has been so long - if I notified you as a winner for the above, can you email me?

January/February/March 2011

Frida: Djupa Andetag
Frida: Somethings Going On

Alexandre Carvalho - Brazil
ABBA: The Music Still Goes On (white CD)
Classic ABBA (NZ release)

Edit Toth - Hungary
The Singles - The First Ten Years
(Germany - "Made in W Germany" release)

Jorge M. - Argentina


December 2010

A selection of ABBA goodies for under the tree .... 

Malaysia - Video Biography (VCD) UK ABBA Gold (CD/DVD) EU - ABBA Original Albums (4CD)
EU - ABBA The Albums (8CD) EU - The Music Still Goes On Japan - Dancing Queen single
Japan - Voulez Vous single Japan - Summer Night City single

   And the lucky winner is:
Katja VovĨko, Slovenia



November 2010

Sorry never had any opportunities to arrange this for November


October 2010

Entries accepted up till last day of the month 

3 Japanese ABBA LP's

Winner: Loraine Manchetti - Brazil




September 2010

Entries accepted up till last day of the month 

The Best of ABBA - Japanese LP

NOTE - extremely very rare LP to have. This copy does NOT have an obi with it.

Winner: Annamaria - Hungary



August 2010

Amazingly previous recent winners have won again. 

Slipping Through My Fingers - Picture Disc

Winner: John Bowdidge - England
Arrival - Japan LP
Super Trouper - Japan LP

Won by Yannick Van Rillaer - Belgium

Note: You have already won Super Trouper from me previously, so will send a different Japanese LP.


July 2010

03 September: I still  have not posted these out. My apologies, heavy work schedule makes a visit to the Post Office near impossible (and did I mention the goddam rain!!)

The Album - Japanese CD

Winner: Roxanne Dickson - Australia
Gold CD - Argentina CD

Winner: Graeme Quinn - UK

Gold CD - Australia CD - refer (2)

Winner: Oscar Roberto Ranzoni - Brazil



May/June 2010

emails accepted up till 30th June 2010

some Japanese singles (6)

Winner: John Bowdidge - England
 some various worldwide LP's (2)

Alexandre Carvalho - Brazil


April/May 2010

emails accepted up till 20th May 2010

Arrival & Super Trouper LP's (Japan)

Will also include Greatest Hits Vol.2, but obi is torn.

Won by Yannick Van Rillaer - Belgium
- others also, just have to sort them out :) New Zealand Singles (45's)

Won by Dustin - Germany

March/April 2010

emails accepted up till 20th April 2010

Greatest Hits Vol.2 CD

This is the very rare Red Polydor label copy from West Germany. Refer (8)

Won by Annemarie Kiss - Hungary
Gold CD - Japan 1999

This is the very rare 1999 release. Refer (3)

Won by Edit Toth - Hungary


February/March 2010

emails accepted up till 20th March 2010

More ABBA Gold LP (vinyl, not CD)

Won by Rudolf Ondrich - Australia
ABBA Gold & More ABBA Gold 2CD set from Japan

Won by Attila Szentirmai - Hungary