Blue Hippo

Why Blue Hippo?
This is my nickname…what my friends call me. It is funny how a name catches on and sticks. Below is a timeline of my journey through life.
My Top 10


Restarted the ABBA Picture Gallery


Volunteer Day – Workmates together planting trees on Motuihe Island in the Auckland Habour.


Napier – Best Art Deco city in the world
Taipei (Taiwan) – I think the things I will always remember: On top of the world Taipei 101 (It had claim to the tallest building in the world at that time). Taichung (another city in the south) with bustling skyscrapers and rice fields mixed in between.



In Tokyo – Such an amazing city, and beautiful people (and food). The architecture was truly amazing and visiting a Record Store was like going to heaven … tens of thousands of Albums in mint condition.


Celebrating 10 years with the same Company.
On 28 November 2007, my brother Ian passed away. A very keen rugby fan, I have put this photo as a commemoration to him. Aged 50 after complications from surgery. He lived in Richmond, Nelson, with his family (Vicki, Christopher, and Tiana)


Crossing the Harbour in Auckland


After 2 decades – the beard finally went. It was vanity I guess … it went grey.
Moved into the Auckland CBD. I moved into level 3, shifted to level 5, then level 7. Stayed for a decade overlooking St Partick’s Church


In May 1999 – Started “Maggott’s ABBA Picture Gallery”


In 1996, due to an opportunity that came up, I moved to Auckland
On the way to Auckland. Near the geothermal region of Rotorua


In 1989 I had a visit in October from my lifetime friend and penpal Jörn Pekrul from West Germany. We had a tour of the South Island, but things began to happen in his own country that made him anxious to go back home. History was in the making and he went back to celebrate the falling of the Berlin wall.
Pancake Rocks – West Coast
Moeraki Boulders. 20km north of Dunedin. This was such an amazing site of all these almost spherical rocks coming out of the surf. Jörn is the other hatchling.


I became a surveyor/draughtsman with the Waimea County Council, which later amalgamated with Motueka, and Golden Bay to become the Tasman District Council. Worked with a great team including Graham Thomas, Alex Shearer, David Currie, Mark Holyoake, and Jocelyn Thompson. However best times were with Lesley Lister, the Engineering secretary who always made me laugh with her antics (learning) on the Computers. To begin there wasn’t even Windows … just DOS. After a while I ended up being the ‘face’ that Customers went to, to find out all information on their properties.
The 1980’s were sure bright!


Living in Greymouth. By this time in life, many a day off was held at the local games parlours – space invaders, donkey kong, defender, … oh what a time. I also spent half my salary on an AKAI Prolab Stereo system. And collected as many LP’s, EP’s and 45’s as the remainder of my salary could handle.
I really liked this car, but alas it wasn’t mine. It belonged to a workmate called Jeremy Brasil.


In 1981/1982 I was also privileged to be a Supervisor for the Grey Main Hostel. I assisted in looking after the children of pupils that had to stay in Greymouth to attend school while their families lived all over the West Coast. This was short lived, but made great friends from a lot of the pupils. In particular, Roger and Bruce Truman, Selwyn and Llewellyn Foote, Michael and Daryl Hart, and Warren and Brendan Burrows. Sadly Selwyn and Daryl are no longer with us.


In 1981, I started working for Westland Catchment Board in Greymouth. I worked as a surveyor and draughtsman. The job consisted of surveying, planning, draughting, and building of stopbanks, and draining swamps for the full length of the West Coast. I lost count the times I nearly lost my life on this job. But I loved travelling down to the Fox Glacier region (20km south of Whataroa). Worked with Wayne Moen, Darcy Hasson, Mike Shearer, Barry Petrie, and Rob Low
Me and my Honda CB250 at Ikamatua!
My brother Ian, and his girlfriend (later his wife) in Ikamatua


Above Ikamatua.This was a great place for a child to grow up in. Settled in a valley, and a junction of several rivers. Summer holidays were spent swimming in the clear waters of the Little Grey River, the Big Grey River, or at times, Rough River or Snowy River. Just behind the village was a large area of willow trees. These grew from the remains of the tailings from the Gold dredges that tore up the land. However in their wake, and 20 years later, these turned into lots of overgrown ponds which were great to canoe on. Come winter, the smaller ones would freeze over, and great for ice skating. It wasn’t cold enough to stay all winter and normally you had a window of opportunity in the morning before the sun melted it.


In 1979 I left school to be a bank teller with Bank of New Zealand, and worked in the Reefton branch. This was a small branch with 6 staff. It was a short career, as I yearned to be outside. However, it was 18 months working there. Biggest memories were the large non balance that took weeks to find, and the good old milkman bringing in sacks of coins to count and sort through. I liked picking out the old silver coins for my brother.


Form 6 at Inangahua College.
Top row:
Karen Wilson. Wayne Jolly. Tracey Fielding. David Watson. Kim Fenwick. Kieran Murcott. Anne (Biddy) Johnson.
Middle row:
Mr Wilson (Teacher). Mark Etheredge. Bruce Hunter. Michael Prendergast. Grant Hallaran. Mark Penfold. Ewan Roundhill. Kevin Wilson.
Bottom row:
Helen Frazer. Alison Pupich. Susan Fenwick. Catherine O’Sullivan. Glenda King. Heather Banks. Sharon Prendergast. Debra Waghorn.


Form 5 at Inangahua College.
Top row:
Susan Fenwick. Wayne Jolly. David Watson. Alison Pupich.
Middle row:
Miss Pengelly (Teacher). Helen McKenzie. Joanne Hibbs. Helen Frazer. Angela Waghorn. Sharon Cook. Patricia Stephens.
Bottom row:
Kevin Wilson. Peter Kennedy. Michael Prendergast. Ian Gilmour. Mark Geddes.
Laurie Burnett. Brendon Spittal. Peter Jan.


In 1976, I began my own newspaper column for the regional paper, The Greymouth Evening Star. Each week I would publish the NZ Charts weekly Top 10


Form 3 at Inangahua College.
Yee Gods. What was I thinking? Long hair was in, but this was absurd. I am surprised I was allowed to have it so long. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life. This was the year I began to listen to music. This was also the year I began my ‘obsession’ with ABBA.
Top row:
David Watson. Wayne Jolly. Daryl Aitken. Tony Sutton.
Top Middle row:
Kieran Murcott. Gillian Stewart. Angela Waghorn. Kim Fenwick. Donna Nicholls. Helen McKenzie. Peter Kennedy.
Middle Bottom row:
Mr Bolton (teacher). Trevor Watts. Grant Hallaran. Brendon Spittal. Russell Matiu. Kerry Wildermoth. Leslie Jan. Michael Archer.
Bottom row:
Joanne Morris. Sharon Prendergast. Karen Hampton. Glenda King. Susan Birkbeck. Annette Doherty. Debbie Clark. Debra Waghorn.


Form 2 at Inangahua College.
I look back at this photo and see so many faces that brought great enjoyment and friendship. This was a class that we all had great enjoyment and even in those wintry foggy days it was still great to go to school. David, Allison, Brendon, Ian, Kieran, Grant, Trevor, Debbie, Debra – all were fantastic classmates.. Sadly Kieran and Debbie passed on early in life.
Top row:
David Watson. Daryl Aitken. Alison Pupich. Kym Fenwick. Glenda King. Wayne Jolly. Bruce Williams. Tony Sutton.
Middle row:
Michael Archer. Brendon Spittal. Ian Gilmour. Kieran Murcott. Mark Taylor. Grant Hallaran. Trevor Watts. Mr Sutton (teacher).
Bottom row:
Christine Nimmo. Joanne Morris. Karen Hampton. Janette Schroeder. Gillian Stewart. Debbie Clarke. Sharon Prendergast. Debra Waghorn.


Form 1 at Inangahua College.
In 1973 I began attending Inangahua College. Each day we would catch a school bus and travel 20km to Reefton. At days end the trip back home again. Reefton was situated in a basin, so come winter time it was like 6 months of fog and smog. This was quite frustrating as beyond the basin Reefton sits in was mostly glorious sunshine.
Top row:
Joanne Morris. Daryl Aitken. Karen Hampton. Wayne Jolly. Debra Waghorn. Ian Gilmour.
Middle row:
Sharon Prendergast. Janette Schroeder. Kym Fenwick. Gillian Stewart. Alison Pupich. Glenda King. Mr O’Sullivan (teacher).
Bottom row:
Trevor Watts. Tony Sutton. Kieran Murcott. John Goss. David Watson. Mark Taylor. Grant Hallaran. Brendon Spittal.


Standard 4 at Ikamatua Primary School.
Ikamatua Primary School was only three classrooms in size, so all children from ages of 5 to 12 mixed, played, and learnt together. It was a lifestyle rather than an education.
Top row:
Clarke Robertson. Norman McLennan. Graham Kennedy. Jeremy (Jem) Pupich. Wayne Jolly. Peter Kennedy. Edward (Ted) Hyde. Paul McInroe. Timothy Pupich.
Middle row:
Stephen Byrne. Grant Jackson. Denise McKinley. Debra Jackson. Patricia Falls. Anne (Biddy) Johnson. Darryl Byrne. Mr Bradley (teacher).
Bottom row:
Chris McInroe. Dennis Gallagher. Anna-Marie Hyde. Sharon Prendergast. Lynette Liddell. Sandra Ferguson. Maree Fitzgerald. James O’Malley. Craig Lineham.


At 5:24am on Friday 24 May, 1968, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck the West Coast. The earthquake caused damage up and down the Coast, but Inangahua Junction suffered the most.


My first year at school.
Top row:
Greg Roberston. Lionel Huffam. Peter Johnson. Darryl Kennedy. Rex Jolly. Bert McVicar. Tony Pupich. Philip McLennan. Miss Low (Teacher).
Middle row:
Bruce Blair. Dale Lemon. Janet McInroe. Helen Liddell. Karen Wilson. Jenny Hawes. Jackie Hampton. Wayne Jolly.
Bottom row:
Jeremy Pupich. Micheal Prendergast. Anne (Biddy) Johnson. Denise McKinley. Miriam Roberston. Yvonne Fitzgerald. Graham Kennedy. Peter Kennedy. Chris Byrne.


In Hari Hari. The smallest sibling


Baby pic!